avoid too many checklists

#team's is built for fast teamwork

We’ve noticed team leaders, managers and executives get very excited once they understand the content page on the Management App - the page for assigning tasks to teams.

For the best results, we recommend:

  1. start with critical tasks - even if you envisage running 150 tasks per day per team, start with the 10-15 critical tasks
  2. minimize responses - only request photos and other responses per task that you really need, so the team feel that each request is worthy
  3. minimize checklists - if a task requires more than 6 checklist items, split the task into 2 or more tasks

With respect to 2) and 3) above, you will notice the Team App is designed for fast teamwork. Simple tasks on the Team App take only a few seconds to mark off as completed. Your teams will like that, and the instant gratification of how the task completes and the dashboards change.

With this in mind, you are better off creating a higher number of tasks per team, than making individual tasks more complicated to complete.

Ash Richardson

20 years digital tech and strategy experience: co-founder #stratapp, Accenture, MP of Oyster Partners (now DigitasLBi) and ex-VC investing in technology startups. Unique skills on product strategy, design and offshoring.

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#team culture

  • build high performing teams with transparency and trust
  • encourage teamwork with a unique team-shared user experience
  • improve and sustain both customer and employee experience

#team millennials

  • by 2025 more than 75% of employees are y-gen / millennials
  • y-gen thrive on digital collaboration and transparency, and they are happy to be accountable if we make the expectations on them clear

#team productivity

  • increase productivity by 15-30%, whilst reducing stress
  • create healthy competition across individuals and teams
  • prevent lazy team members from demotivating high performers

#team performance

  • measure what matters, objectively, with real time data
  • manage by exception to save everyone time
  • make the business easier to operate and sell at a higher price
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