create one-off or repeating tasks

#team allows you to manage both one-off and repeating tasks across one or multiple teams.

one-off tasks

#team is brilliant for managing one-off tasks across multiple teams.

We don’t recommend using team for one-off tasks on one team. There are plenty of task apps designed specifically for this.

repeating tasks

#team is brilliant for managing repeating tasks across one team or multiple teams.

Every team in your organization has repeating tasks.

Moving the management of repeating tasks out of calendar apps, spreadsheets and paper checklists will elevate performance and save everyone time.

#team really comes into its own when managing repeating tasks across multiple teams/ sites/ stores. #team is the best task app in the world right now for managing repeating tasks across multiple teams, due to:

  • Easy of use
  • Speed of use
  • Team-shared UX encouraging teamwork
  • Dashboards, result tables and photo galleries
  • Powerful filters, including default saving of filters for every individual manager and executive to focus on exactly the aspects they are interested in

#team culture

  • build high performing teams with transparency and trust
  • encourage teamwork with a unique team-shared user experience
  • improve and sustain both customer and employee experience

#team millennials

  • by 2025 more than 75% of employees are y-gen / millennials
  • y-gen thrive on digital collaboration and transparency, and they are happy to be accountable if we make the expectations on them clear

#team productivity

  • increase productivity by 15-30%, whilst reducing stress
  • create healthy competition across individuals and teams
  • prevent lazy team members from demotivating high performers

#team performance

  • measure what matters, objectively, with real time data
  • manage by exception to save everyone time
  • make the business easier to operate and sell at a higher price