receive a live photo gallery feed from teams

#team’s task app has a live photo gallery feed of the task types and teams you are interested in.

For example, imagine you work at head office in visual merchandising and you are responsible for all retail outlets in Chicago. You need to see that each day the point of sale and other in-store visual merchandising promotions are correctly displayed across 45 stores.

You can save that selection as your default, and #team will give you a live data feed of:

  • VM related tasks done or missed by your selection of teams
  • Live photo gallery feed of tasks that have photos (for example, compliance related tasks where you want to capture digital evidence of completion - photo, time, date, responses to related questions and who completed it)

The photo gallery you select (by filtering on teams and task types) can run as a screensaver, thus enabling you to project them onto a large screen monitor for your whole team at head office to see live.

#team culture

  • build high performing teams with transparency and trust
  • encourage teamwork with a unique team-shared user experience
  • improve and sustain both customer and employee experience

#team millennials

  • by 2025 more than 75% of employees are y-gen / millennials
  • y-gen thrive on digital collaboration and transparency, and they are happy to be accountable if we make the expectations on them clear

#team productivity

  • increase productivity by 15-30%, whilst reducing stress
  • create healthy competition across individuals and teams
  • prevent lazy team members from demotivating high performers

#team performance

  • measure what matters, objectively, with real time data
  • manage by exception to save everyone time
  • make the business easier to operate and sell at a higher price