provide team leaders and managers with everything they need

#team’s task app provides team leaders and managers with everything they need to elevate team performance on tasks.

Team leaders, using the Team App, can instantly see:

  • What’s been done and what’s been missed
  • Who’s done what, when
  • Performance of their team relative to other teams
  • Progress today versus a live burn-down chart of tasks versus time

Managers and executives using the Management App can instantly see across all teams:

  • Team performance
  • Exceptions
  • Opportunities to improve tasks, schedules and L&D
  • Live photo gallery feeds of photo related tasks
  • Saved filter defaults on the tasks and teams they are interested in

#team culture

  • build high performing teams with transparency and trust
  • encourage teamwork with a unique team-shared user experience
  • improve and sustain both customer and employee experience

#team millennials

  • by 2025 more than 75% of employees are y-gen / millennials
  • y-gen thrive on digital collaboration and transparency, and they are happy to be accountable if we make the expectations on them clear

#team productivity

  • increase productivity by 15-30%, whilst reducing stress
  • create healthy competition across individuals and teams
  • prevent lazy team members from demotivating high performers

#team performance

  • measure what matters, objectively, with real time data
  • manage by exception to save everyone time
  • make the business easier to operate and sell at a higher price